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Talking of Cold Fusion April 13, 2009

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I previously mentioned cold fusion, my memory being given a bit of a kick by recent events at an American Chemical Society meeting.  Good to see people are still plugging away at the less fasionable (to say the least) areas of research.  Cold fusion still on the agenda, even if it is not still called that for fear of inviting accusations of quackery.

Many thanks to the New Scientist for digging out the original press conference video.

Beware the perils of publishing hot (or cold) science through routes that are not peer reviewed!  Bloggers beware.



1. Jed Rothwell - April 13, 2009

You can learn a lot more about this subject here:


2. Jed Rothwell - April 17, 2009

By the way, the paper was published in a peer-reviewed journal before the press conference in 1989. Subsequently, 1,200 other papers were published in peer-reviewed journals. I copied them from the libraries at Los Alamos and Georgia Tech, which are reliable sources. You can see all of the titles and authors at LENR-CANR.org. Unfortunately most of the papers we have uploaded are not pee-reviewed because of copyright restrictions.

Cold fusion is more mainstream than most people imagine. Most of the researchers who have published papers are distinguished professors, Fellow of the Institute, Fellow of the Royal Society, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (India and France) and so on. They are big guns with big names because the field is controversial and scientists with less clout cannot get funding.

There will be a pretty good segment about cold fusion on CBS “60 Minutes” this Sunday, April 19:


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