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Talking of Cold Fusion April 13, 2009

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I previously mentioned cold fusion, my memory being given a bit of a kick by recent events at an American Chemical Society meeting.  Good to see people are still plugging away at the less fasionable (to say the least) areas of research.  Cold fusion still on the agenda, even if it is not still called that for fear of inviting accusations of quackery.

Many thanks to the New Scientist for digging out the original press conference video.

Beware the perils of publishing hot (or cold) science through routes that are not peer reviewed!  Bloggers beware.


Hostile Higgs April 10, 2009

Posted by calvinus in Physics.
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Catching up on my back issues of the New Scientist (to say I have been away is an understatement, possibly more of that later), I noticed the following:

Gloves come off in race to find the Higgs

(Apologies if you can’t see all of the article)

Who said science couldn’t be exciting?  Two massive research projects slugging it out to be the first to find “the” sub-atomic particle du jour.  The combined budgets of CERN and Fermilab mean these are big beasts.  Both of whom are racing to discover the God particle (or God damn particle depending on your sensitivity).  If there is a winner, great kudos awaits.  OK, we are not at the same level of competition as happened during the Manhattan Project (fortunately!) but this is still thrilling, sexy science.  Big projects, big budgets, big questions, big risks.

Now, can someone find me somthing as massive and as heavy in chemistry?  I need to recruit more students to the cause.  Cold fusion, anyone?